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Countdown to Z-Day

New Orleans zombie run 5k and music festival

Z-Day, a zombie infested 5K run and obstacle course, plus the Z-Day Festival, an outdoor celebration of New Orleans music, food, and subculture, will take place in Kenner’s Laketown on September 21, 2013. The 5K will consist of 4,000 to 8,000 runners who are chased by “zombies” through a military style obstacle course, with heats every half hour from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm. The Z-Day Festival will begin at 8:00 am and end at 5:00 PM with musical acts headlined by Johnny Sketch & the Dirty Notes plus Flow Tribe,  and food and alcoholic beverages provided by New Orleans’ greatest vendors.

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Event Details

  • Date
    September 21, 2013

  • Time
    8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

  • Place
    Laketown Park, Kenner, LA

  • Price
    July – $65, Aug – $70, Sept – $75

  • Ages

  • Parking
    Free for ticket holders

  • Festival
    Included all-day admission

Be a Runner

As a runner, you’ll traverse a 3.2-mile/5K obstacle course filled with hungry zombies that will chase your every move, and will have only one objective: to escape alive with at least one flag remaining on your belt. With your admission you’ll receive a complimentary event shirt, festival admission, and a medal upon finishing.

Be a Zombie

You’re the lifeblood of the entire obstacle course. Arrive for your shift and prepare to be made over by Hollywood makeup artists and transformed into a terrifying member of the undead legion. After SFX, you’ll enter the obstacle course and will chase as many runners as possible, with one objective: steal the flags off of their belts. After a runner has no remaining flags, they become “infected”. As thanks for your reign of terror, you’ll receive complimentary all-day admission to the festival.

Z-Day Music Festival Lineup header

Johnny Sketch & the Dirty Notes at New Orleans Music Festival Z-Day

Flow Tribe playing at Z-Day New Orleans Music Festival

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This ain’t like those other zombie obstacle courses. Every obstacle is built to military training standards, and is covered in blood and mud. Oh, and expect to see more zombies along our course than you’ve seen anywhere else! You will be chased and you will be huntedPREPARE TO LEAVE FILTHY.

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The Z-Day Run + Festival is situated on 80+ acres along the shores of Lake Pontchartrain in Metro New Orleans.

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We’ve planned the Z-Day Festival with one goal: to keep you and your friends partying all day long. Our main stage is headlined by amazing New Orleans musicians and you’ll rock out to the music while enjoying the food and drink that New Orleans is famous for. Also, the festival is packed to the borders with TONS of zombie-themed fun! COME EARLY & PARTY.

Festival Schedule

Media Access

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Z-Day 5K

Are food and beverages available at Z-Day?

We will have a wide variety of food and beverage (both non-alcoholic and beer/spirits) vendors present at the Z-Day Festival. Please be sure to bring cash as we can not guarantee credit/debit card acceptance.

Are outside food and drinks permitted?

We have assembled a great selection of snack and refreshment selections from Greater New Orleans vendors. We do ask that you respect their businesses by limiting outside food and drink only to that needed for post-run rehydration and carbohydrate replenishment, or for what is needed to appease small children. **Coolers are not permitted.**

Are small children allowed on the obstacle course?

No. This is a very intense event, designed for adults. We’ve already bent the rules to an extent by permitting children aged 13 and older to participate as runners and zombies, but no children under the age of 13 are allowed on the course. The reason for this is simple: small children + large adults running from flesh hungry zombies = injuries.

Are spectators welcome at the 5K?

We do welcome spectators to our Z-Day 5K. Any individual wishing to arrive as a spectator will not have access to complimentary transportation or parking, so be sure to arrive with a registered individual. Also, spectators are not able to enter the course or festival grounds without purchasing registration.

Can I enter the Festival before/after my scheduled run time/Zombie shift?

Yes. Your ticket is valid from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM on the date of the Festival. Please come and go as you please during these times.

Can I register/pay at the event?

You may register on-site for the event, but it does not entitle you to a free event shirt or guarantee you an event medal after finishing the 5K. These items will be ordered in an exact quantity for pre-registered participants and are not promised to be available for registrants signing up in person or online within 10 days of the event.

Can registered Zombies & Runners enter the Festival?

Yes. Zombie and Runner tickets allow entry for the registered person into the Z-Day Festival.

Can teams register for the 5K?

Yes. During checkout, make sure to type in your team name, and also ensure that all members of the team do the same. The team’s name must be spelled identically on all registrants’ form data in order for us to keep track of your members.

Can you ship my shirt to me if I’m unable to attend?

If you have not received a refund for your event registration in advance of the event, we may opt to hold your shirt for you if remaining quantities allow. Should you receive a refund, you will not receive an event shirt for free. By notifying NOLA Zombi at within 48 hours of the event, we can then hold a shirt for you and ship it to you if you are willing to pay for the shipping, your ticket has not been refunded and will not be, and you have not transferred your ticket to another individual.

Do you issue refunds for any reason?

Refunds are only issued if the request is in compliance with our Events & Z-Day Refund Policy (click here to view). Refunds are not issued for races/runs/marathons/athletic events as an industry standard. Tickets are transferrable to another individual of appropriate age and eligibility. If you find someone to transfer your ticket to, please email The 5K and Festival proceeds both are benefits for the SPCAs of Louisiana and Jefferson Parishes, so we hate taking money away from the animals!

Do Zombies get free makeup application?

Yes. Please arrive before or at your scheduled “shift” time to meet with a special effects (SFX) artist who will apply your zombie makeup.

Explain to me what happens if a runner is infected.

First off, infected means that all of the flags on your belt have been taken by one of the zombies on the obstacle course. Your only objective as a runner is to protect those flags from zombies by any means necessary. Should they all happen to be taken and you’re infected, you can still finish the obstacle course but will not receive a ‘survivor’ medal at the finish line.

How many people are expected at this event?

A lot. Seriously, a lot. Come prepared for at least moderate crowds. (It’s a New Orleans festival, ya heard?)

How old do Runners & Zombies need to be to register?

All individuals age 13 and older may participate in the Z-Day 5K as a Runner or a Zombie.

Is parking available?

Yes. FREE parking is available at both the Pontchartrain Center and the Treasure Chest Casino at the end of Williams Boulevard (4545 Williams Blvd., Kenner, LA).

Is transportation available to Z-Day 5K & Fest?

Yes. You may purchase roundtrip shuttle service for the event by clicking here.

What makes Z-Day different from the other zombie runs?

Simple. Z-Day has been planned by local New Orleanians who know how to throw a party. We have obstacles designed by military professionals, a professional musical lineup featuring Flow Tribe and Johnny Sketch, zombies made-over by the world class special effects talents of Illusion Industries, a HUGE location on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain, plus blood and mud will be everywhere! We encourage you to participate as a portion of our proceeds stay right here in the Greater New Orleans Area to benefit the SPCAs of Orleans and Jefferson Parishes.

Will I be able to use my credit or debit card at the event?

We’re going to try but can’t make assurances. Bring cash to be safe. Z-Day 5K & the Z-Day Fest are being held in a large lakefront park therefore data connections aren’t available to communications networks. We will be at the mercy of cellular networks during the date of the event, and these networks are susceptible to the elements as well as heavy data volumes from the thousands of mobile phones that will be on-site.

Will registered Runners & Zombies receive a free shirt?

Yes, as long as registration is received online and paid in full by September 13, 2013.

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